Millions didn't see Graham Gano's winning kick yesterday

In case you missed it, the last few minutes of the Carolina Panthers/New York Giants game yesterday was CRAZY!  First, the Giants went on a 75 yard touchdown drive in 68 seconds, which gave the Giants a one point lead with just over one minute to play.  With the Giants leading 31-30, the Panthers got the ball back and barely moved it into Giants territory.  With just six seconds left, Coach Rivera sent out the field goal squad, kicker Graham Gano made a 63 yard attempt... AND IT WAS GOOD!  PANTHERS WIN!

At least, that's what we saw here in the Carolinas, and that's what was seen in New York markets.  The rest of the Country wasn't so lucky.

Thanks to the NFL broadcast rules- which are VERY strict and allow for no leeway whatsoever- the rest of the Country saw a Honda commercial and the Eagles-Vikings kickoff, which happened pretty much at the exact second that Gano was making his miraculous kick.  

Sooo... us and New York...

Annnnd everyone else...

C'mon, man!  I get why the NFL has these "rules," but shouldn't common sense prevail on stuff like this?  Seriously... C'MON, MAN!!!!!

As for those fans that are not in the Carolinas or New York, thank goodness for SportsCenter and the internet, amiright???

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