Happy day! Today is National Taco Day!

Doesn't it seem like everything in the world has it's own day now?  Not that that's a bad thing at all... I mean, today is National Taco Day, and I happen to think that National Taco Day is the best idea for a "day" EVER!  Then again, I wouldn't be upset if EVERY day was National Taco Day... because... tacos...

A lot of taco places are getting in on the fun, and we're getting some good deals out of it!  For instance, Moe's has a deal where you can get buy two get one free in their app.

Salsarita's has been teasing something special in their app as well to commemorate the day.

Plus, Salsarita's has $2 tacos at participating locations.

Taco Bell is actually offering GIFT SETS!!!  Four tacos for $5, and you can even gift them to a friend!

Even Cold Stone Creamery is getting in on the fun with waffle tacos for one day only! O.M.GEEEE!

Plenty more places are featuring taco specials too, so check out your favorite taco joint, and go enjoy!

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