Colton is the next Bachelor!

We first got to know Colton Underwood during Becca Kufrin's season.  Near the beginning of the season, we learned that Colton briefly dated Becca's friend and Bachelor alum Tia.  When Colton made it to the final four, Tia arrived to let Becca know that she still had feelings for Colton.  Becca then sent Colton home, not because of the Tia connection, but because she wasn't just feeling the connection herself.

Colton was heartbroken, but he put his heart back together and made his way to Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise.  Of course, Tia was there too.  I mean, the producers at ABC aren't stupid... of course they're going to put these two in paradise together to let the drama ensue!

So Colton and Tia went on a date and decided to see if they could make things work.  Things were OK for a few seconds, but then things got cold when Colton admitted that he still had feelings for Becca.  But then Colton came back around and he and Tia became a couple.  But then out of nowhere, Colton decided he wasn't feeling it with Tia, broke things off, and went home on last night's Bachelor In Paradise episode.

Anyone feeling a sense of whiplash, thanks to the Tia/Colton story?

We wouldn't have to go a very long time without seeing Colton, however.  A mere 12 hours after Bachelor In Paradise viewers saw him leave Mexico, he arrived on Good Morning America to announce that he would be the next Bachelor.

Now, make no mistake... Colton and Tia's breakup last night was pretty sad.  Over the last few episodes, it seemed as though they actually made a real connection, and to me, this sorta seemed to come out of nowhere.  I may have gotten teary-eyed... unless someone was cutting onions nearby...

So, now Colton is the new Bachelor.  We'll see what the future holds for Tia, but Colton did say this morning on GMA that Tia would not be on his season of The Bachelor.  We'll see...

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