Martin Truex Jr wrecks, kicks car

We all know that there is something about Bristol Motor Speedway that brings out tempers in drivers.  I mean, how many Bristol races have we watched over the years where someone's feelings get hurt, "words" are exchanged, even helmets are thrown?  There is something about Bristol that can bring out a tantrum in even the most even-keeled driver.  

And that is exactly why we love Bristol.  

Tony Stewart once said that racing at Bristol is like putting 40 cars in a blender and hitting puree. There are a lot of drivers and very little real estate.  Of COURSE drama is going to happen.  And it sure happened Saturday night.  

On lap 431 of 500, Kyle Busch sent Martin Truex Jr. into the wall.  Truex Jr. hit HARD, and then got out of his car and showed a tantrum that we don't normally see out of him.  But you CERTAINLY can't blame the guy for being frustrated!

Afterward, Truex Jr. said "it's just Bristol."

Kyle Busch took the blame, said "I feel terrible."

NASCAR has this coming weekend off, then will head to Darlington for Labor Day Weekend.  After that, it's the Brickyard, which is this year's cut off for the chase.

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