Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary premieres tonight!

I friggin' LOVE Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I got my love of music from my dad.  He had a massive collection of albums that we would listen to when I was a kid.  We're talking original vinyl albums.  And as a kid, I used to play his albums and pretend that I was on the radio as a DJ (true story!).  One of those albums that sticks out in my mind as being played over and over was Skynyrd's debut album "Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd."  "Simple Man," "Tuesday's Gone," Freebird," "Gimme Three Steps," SO MANY GREAT SONGS came from that one album! 

It seems that throughout my life, there was always a Skynyrd song as the soundtrack.  Their music is timeless and sounds just as great today as when my dad was rocking out to it when I was barely even able to say "Lynyrd Skynyrd."

In 2004, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida for a job and met several people who were once tight with the guys in the band-including Ronnie Van Zant's brothers Donnie and Johnny.  Johnny became the lead singer of Skynyrd when they reunited several years after the plane crash, and Donnie was one of the founding members of .38 Special.  Together, they had a Country project called Van Zant, which was really great and underrated.  Between those two and various others I met that were close to the band, I could listen to their stories all day!  So you can imagine that when I heard that there was a documentary being put together for Showtime, I was BIG TIME excited!

Well, the day is finally here.  Tonight at 9:00, Showtime will debut "If I Leave Here Tomorrow," which will feature plenty of never-before-seen footage and rare interviews.  YES!  Here is the trailer. 

And, by the way... allow me to get in a plug for the fact that Skynyrd will be at our iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas.  Keep listening to win a trip.  Can you imagine seeing them on the same stage as Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons, Sam Smith, Mariah Carey, and all the others?!  It's gonna be EPIC!  

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