Bubba Wallace crashes hard at Pocono

This was a very scary incident yesterday at Pocono.  The straightaway between turns one and two is very long, so drivers can pick up a lot of speed.  A LOT.  It's never good when a driver loses his brakes, but when it happens at the end of that long straightaway, it can be horrifying, as what happened yesterday to Bubba Wallace.  Yeah... he had no brakes going into turn 2 and took what he said was the hardest hit of his career.  And boy was it ugly!  Thank goodness Bubba is OK after this.

And thankfully Bubba's sense of humor is still intact.  Check out his interview with NBC after leaving the infield care center.

He then tweeted to his fans his thanks for the support.

And MRN's Dave Moody pointed out that Bubba's hit was so hard, he actually broke the concrete BEHIND the SAFER barrier.

I just can't stress enough- and I think I speak for everyone- when I say how happy I am that Bubba is OK.  He's a great racer with a great future ahead of him, and I can't wait to see him on the track next week. 

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