Cop challenged to "Officer Lip Sync Challenge" channels Luke Bryan

There is a new challenge going around social media.  This time, it's cops challenging other cops to lip sync... and it's fantastic!

This officer in the Elbert County Sheriff's Office in Elberton, Georgia... not only did he pull of a great lip sync to Luke Bryan's "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)," but he has some moves to go along with it that are totally Luke Bryan-worthy.

I give him an A++!

These cops in the Norfolk Police Department had some serious "Uptown Funk" going on.  Call the police and the fireman indeed!

How about this Tulsa officer getting down with some G-Funk?  This is PERFECT for a cop to lip sync to!  Watch to the end for a good laugh.

And kudos to the Owensboro PD.  Another great video!

Martinsville went for the remix!!!!  Nice job, guys and gals!!!!

There are SO MANY MORE great ones!!!  Go to You Tube, type in "officer lip sync challenge"... you'll see...

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