Waiting on the wave in a wave pool in China

Have you ever gone to the pool in your neighborhood and thought "there's too many people here.  I wish I had the pool to myself?"

Yeah, I think it's safe to say we've all done that.  And I think it's REALLY safe to say that each and every one of these people in this video wish that their neighbor wasn't there- or that their thousands and thousands of neighbors weren't there.

My goodness.  Have you ever seen anything like this?  I mean, you can't get out very easily...so how much pee must be in that pool?  Ugh.  And does it look like anybody is actually having a good time?  I just see a bunch of frowns.  The colors are pretty though, especially when the wave comes.  Watch!

This is actually a clip from a movie called "Human" that was released about three years ago by French environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  The movie is made mostly from aerial shots and people around the world telling their stories straight into the camera.  More than 2000 people in 60 Countries were interviewed for "Human."  Each person featured was asked the same set of forty questions, and the results are rather fascinating.   If you have time to watch it, you should.  It's in three parts, and here they are.  Pretty incredible.

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