Yesterday's race from Chicagoland was one for the ages!

Yesterday's race at Chicagoland Speedway had it all!  Seveal great cars showed their muscle throughout the race, but the battle at the end was certainly the highlight.  Kyle Larson was in second and hunting down Kyle Busch.  Busch had traffic to get through, including Ryan Newman, who didn't want to go a lap down, and even his own brother (and yes, Kurt got out of the way... of BOTH Kyles!)! But when Larson caught Kyle Busch, all bets were off and the finish was one that will be remembered for a long time.  Regardless of which Kyle you wanted to see in Victory Lane, you have to admit that this was really fun to watch!

Here are highlights from the race, including the dramatic ending.

Kyle Larson showed nothing but class in his post-race interview.

And Kyle Busch... was Kyle Busch HAHAHA!!!  But he's right when he said "if you don't like that kind of racing, then don't even watch!"  Just awesome!

What a race!  And a shoutout to Dale Jr, who made his debut as a Cup announcer and NAILED it!  Great job!

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