Chatting with Morgan Wallen

I dig Morgan Wallen a LOT!  One of the cool parts about working in radio is that you get to hear a lot of new music before it's actually released.  Back at the beginning of 2016, there was a whole lot of new music thrown at us by a bunch of different record labels, and I find it so fun to go through, listen, and not look at who the artist is.  I do this because sometimes I recognize the artist's name and have a preconceived idea of the artist from one of my "industry" friends, so when I'm listening to new music, I don't want to know who is singing what.  I just want to listen and form my own opinion of the song, and then after the song is over, I will then look to see who it is.

When I was listening to this huge batch of music back at the beginning of 2016, there were several songs that I heard and loved.  When I looked to see who the artist was, it was either Luke Combs or Morgan Wallen.  Every time!

In July of 2016, Morgan Wallen's record label brought him by the radio station for a visit and performance.  He was just as great as I remembered him being when I heard that huge batch of songs at the beginning of the year.  The guy is pretty darn amazing!

I loved his first song "The Way I Talk," and I love his latest "Up Down" even more.  Earlier today, Morgan called in to the station to talk about "Up Down," collaborating with Florida Georgia Line, dogs, golf, and even mullets!  Here is our chat in it's entirety.

Morgan Wallen and Casey Carter

That mullet that Morgan mentioned?  Here is a recent Instagram post featuring the mullet, and calling out North Carolina's own Chris Lane haha!

Here is the video to "Up Down."  Song of the summer indeed!

And the video to "The Way I Talk."

I'm such a fan :)

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