The answer to Thomas Rhett's "Marry Me"

Surely you know Thomas Rhett's "Marry Me."  The first time you ever heard it, I bet you thought he was singing it about his wedding day... I know that's what I thought!... right up until he gets to the end of the chorus and sings "she don't wanna marry me."

Oh no!  On the first listen, that song takes a crazy turn, doesn't it?!  You're thinking about how pretty it is, and then your heart gets ripped out when you find that she's marrying someone else.

In his video to the song, maybe she didn't get married to someone else and maybe she did want to marry him after all.  If you watch the last few seconds, it just opens up a whole other world of questions!

And then came this.  This song is sang from the bride's perspective, and in this version, she did indeed want to marry him after all.

This is beautiful.

And you'll want a tissue...

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