NASCAR's Daniel Suarez gets the ultimate Father's Day surprise!

What is going on with my eyes right now?  Are my allergies acting up?  Is someone cutting onions nearby?  Maybe there was a tear gas explosion down the street...

All right... full disclosure... it's none of that.  I just watched this video of Daniel Suarez and I just couldn't keep from getting choked up.  

As much as I love and follow NASCAR, I admit that I don't know a lot about Daniel Suarez.  I know that he is from Mexico and he drives the 19 Arris car for Joe Gibbs Racing.  I know that when he won the Xfinity Series Championship a few year ago, he became the first champion in a national NASCAR series to not be born in America.  And I know that he took over Carl Edward's 19 car after Edwards stepped away.  And that's about all I knew.

But after watching this, I just becamse a Daniel Suarez FAN.  This is a great piece... and it warms my heart to see the bond between him and his dad and to see all of the great things that they have done for each other.

Well done, Suarez.  Well done.

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