The video to Babe by Sugarland featuring Taylor Swift

Earlier this week, Sugarland and Taylor Swift released the video to "Babe."  "Babe" is the new song by Sugarland from their album Bigger, and it features Taylor Swift both on background vocals and as the songwriter.

In the video, Jennifer Nettles plays the jilted wife, and Taylor Swift plays the jilted lover.  And check out Taylor as a redhead... I think she looks GREAT! 

But as my boss pointed out...have we seen this house before?  Check out the video to Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" and see if you see the similarities in the house...

Well, they certainly have the same vibe.  And the same outside.  And the same front door.  And the same staircase.  And the same dining room table.  And who could forget that wallpaper on the dining room wall???

I don't have the definite answer, but I would say that the proof is in the videos...

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