ICYMI-Jimmy Kimmel's Bachelorette predictions

Every time there is a new season of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, Jimmy Kimmel makes his predictions as to who will end up together.  He has an excellent track record... he has correctly predicted winners in five of the last six seasons of The Bachelor, and four of the last six winners on The Bachelorette.  Well, at least his wife has, he admitted.  And his wife's comments that he adds in?  PRICELESS!

In case you missed it, Jimmy made his predictions again last week.  His first prediction: that male model Jordan is the " designated d-bag this year."  OK, Jimmy, that isn't much of a prediction!  The guy dripped of d-baggery from the first second he was on the screen!

But then come his final four picks.  I was disappointed that he didn't have Colton in there.  Based on week one and only week one, Colton was my favorite.  But I do admit that I really liked Garret as well.

Here are Jimmy's picks.

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