Jennifer Nettles versus professional makeup artist

Sugarland is back, baby!!!  It is so great to see Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush out on tour and making some incredible new music together!  Their new album Bigger will be out June 8th.  

Jennifer Nettles is so beautiful and glamorous.  Can you believe that she actually does her OWN makeup when she's out on the road?  I would expect her to bring along an entire glam-squad army, but nope!  It's all her!  You go girl!!

For fun, she went to People Magazine's headquarters for a game of "Celeb Beauty School" where they teamed her up with makeup pro Kristofer Buckle.  He applied makeup to half of her face, and her challenge was to do the other half to match.  How did she do?  Here's the video...

Pretty impressive, huh?  If that were me, I'd have half of a face that looked like someone failed out of clown school, but I think she passed with flying colors!

Here's a picture Jennifer posted from their tour stop last weekend in Raleigh.  And the makeup looks flawless!

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