Chris Lane's AWESOME yearbook picture

Our boy, Kernersville-born, UNC Charlotte-educated Chris Lane posted this yearbook picture on social media yesterday of him and his twin brother Cory.  He asked "Who is who?  See if you can guess which one I am!" 

I sat and I stared and stared and stared and frankly, I had NO idea.  But one thing DID stand out...the fabulous planning of the matching shirt and puka bead combo haha :)

Aren't these GREAT pictures?!  And if you think I am making fun, I am not... in several years of my yearbook pictures, I have GINORMOUS hair and certainly have no room to tease ANYBODY over their yearbook picture :)  But these are certainly awesome.

And by the way, it finally occurred to me that since these are yearbook pictures, they are probably alphabetical, therefore that would be Chris on the left and Cory on the right.

This also makes me think that this is a GREAT place to plug on iHeartRadio.  Have you checked this out yet?  SO cool...type in the year you graduated (or any year!!), and let the memories begin!

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