Ashley I and Jared are FINALLY a couple! For real!

We first met Ashley I on Season 19 of the Bachelor when she was trying to win the love of Chris Soules.  She went on to appear in seasons two and three of Bachelor In Paradise, as well as The Bachelor Winter Games.

We first met Jared Haibon on Season 11 of the Bachelorette when he was vying for the love of Kaitlyn Bristow.  Jared also appeared on Bachelor In Paradise Season 2, where Ashley chose him to go on a date on the very first episode.  They had a date later on and were even a couple for a while, but didn't work out.

To hear the two talk now, they always had affection for each other deep down, but it sounds like the timing just wasn't right.  Well, the timing is right now, and Ashley and Jared are official a couple!

Watch as they tell their story in "The Story of Us."  Get a tissue!

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