Stalker arrested at Taylor Swift's home

This is REALLY scary.  A 38 year old man was arrested outside of Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills home wearing a mask and gloves after driving from Colorado to her California home.  When officers searched his car, they found more masks, more gloves, plus a knife, rope, and ammunition.  They also found various prescription medications, and the man told authorities that he had depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and manic episodes.  He also said that he owned three handguns and was on probation in Colorado for firing one.

Police arrested the man on suspicion of stalking.  He was released from jail yesterday morning, but not before officers obtained a temporary restraining order preventing him from possessing guns.

Luckily, Taylor was in New York during all of this.  Read more on the story from the Associated Press.

This is the second incident in a week at Taylor's Beverly Hills property.  Last week, a 23 year old man climbed a wall, ignored warnings by security guards when he was asked to leave, and was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.  He was charged with a misdemeanor and spent three days in jail.

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