My chat with Chris Janson

I am such a Chris Janson fan.  First off, he makes GREAT music!  Buy Me A Boat, Fix a Drink, Drunk Girl, and more...he is just SO good!  But he is so much more than a great artist.  As you'll hear from my chat with him, he's just a really cool guy. 

Casey chats with Chris Janson

In case you missed Chris's tearful Opry induction that we talked about, here is the video.  You can't watch this without crying!  So well deserved.

And since the video to Drunk Girl that we talked about isn't done yet, here is an amazing performance of the song at a recent Opry appearance...and when I say "amazing performance," "amazing" doesn't even begin to describe it!!!  Check this out...

You make Country Music proud, Chris.  Keep it up!!!  And thanks for the call :)


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