Russell Dickerson's wife directed his video for $6.

"Yours" is one of the best songs of the year, and the story behind the video is just as great as the song itself!

Russell's wife Kailey directed the video and produced it for around $6.  Yes, six dollars!  Russell walked down a road in west Nashville as Kailey rode in the back hatch of their SUV and a friend drove.  They were originally just shooting test footage, but as they were filming, a storm blew in and added to the video- especially with the lightening and rain- so Kailey ran with it and a beautiful video was born!

Another fun fact...the video is done in black and white so that the SUV's brake lights didn't cast a red glow on Russell.  I think the black and white makes the video!

What a great job the Dickersons did on this video, and what a great song!  Congrats to Russell and Kailey for each of their success on "Yours."

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