Bachelor contestant reported missing.

If you watch this season of The Bachelor, you know- and probably love- the free-spirited Bekah.  Here is a picture of her from her Instagram page.

The North Coast Journal, an alternative paper in California, ran a story with pictures of 35 people who are missing, and asked if anyone had seen any of them.  Turns out, millions had seen one of them, as it was none other than Bekah.

Bekah was reported missing by her mother on November 18th, with her mom saying that she last had contact with Bekah on November 12th.  But after filing the missing persons report, Bekah actually talked to her mom later that day, and her mom never let the police know until the cops paid a follow up visit on December 12th.   Nonetheless, as part of procedure, the cops needed to speak with Bekah and were unable to do so, therefore she remained on the Missing Persons list.  Bekah finally talked to the cops yesterday, confirming she was not missing and that all was well, but not after the North Coast Journal ran the story and caused all of this hubbub.

Prior to this, Bekah wrote on social media on September 17th that she was "giving up social media for the next several weeks," but never elaborated that she was going on the Bachelor.  We know that NOW!  And then she began posting on Instagram again on November 22nd, yet she remained on the Missing Persons list until yesterday.

But at least she has a sense of humor about it, as evidenced in this Twitter post from earlier today...

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