TBT-Luke Bryan sang the anthem at last year's SB 51

Last year, it was New England versus Atlanta at the Big Game played in Houston, and who sang the anthem?  None other than Georgia native Luke Bryan.  And he NAILED it.

It was complete redemption from that one time that he sang the anthem prior to the Major League Baseball All Star Game.  His singing was great, but you may remember Luke coming under fire for reading lyrics on his hand.  He said he wanted a few key words basically as a safe guard.  And who can blame him?  If you forget the words, then you're REALLY in deep!  Either way, that was a beautiful performance as well...

P!nk will do the anthem this Sunday, and I am sure it will beautiful as well. 

Justin Timberlake will do the halftime show...and here's a friendly little reminder that you can stream the brand new Justin Timberlake album all weekend for FREE on iHeartRadio!!!

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