"Way Back Wednesday" with P!nk

I have something to admit...when P!nk comes in on Kenny Chesney's "Setting the World On Fire,"  I cry.  I'm serious.  I just have to hear her first line..."and we were up all night" and there it is!  My eyes are welled up with tears and I just can't help myself.  I'm teary-eyed just typing this and thinking about it.

It's not the song itself- which I LOVE, by the way- that makes me cry.  It's P!nk.  That voice.  That perfect balance of pure yet smoky.  What an amazingly beautiful voice she has.  So beautiful, that I can't help but well up with tears at one mere listen.

And I have another thing to admit...I don't love ALL of her songs.  There are songs that I love, but there are some songs that are just "OK" in my book.  But I will stop and listen when I hear a P!nk song come on, not because of the song itself, but because I just can't get enough of her voice.  I just love to hear her sing.

One of my all-time favorite songs is the Kris Kristofferson-penned song "Me and Bobby McGee."  Fun trivia about that song...did you know that Roger Miller was actually the first to record it, and Miller, Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Rogers, and the Statler Brothers all recorded it before Janis Joplin?  Janis recorded it late in 1970 just a few days before her death, and it was released after she died.  In fact, Kris Kristofferson didn't even know she recorded it until the day after she had passed.  But it's Janis's version that has gone on to great fame.  Why?  Because she was one hell of a singer.  Just like P!nk.

So, combine a great song and a great singer, and what you're left with is a masterpiece.  And I think that there is NO DOUBT that P!nk's version of this song that she did for AOL Sessions way back in 2003 certainly qualifies as a "masterpiece."  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

I am sure that Janis would approve.

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