Brad Paisley paints a beautiful mural

We all know that Brad Paisley can play a mean guitar and sing with the best of them, but did you know that Brad is an incredible artist?  Brad recently teamed up with "The Original Guitar Painter" Rob Hendon to create a very cool mural at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.

The mural features some of the things most closely associated with Nashville...The Nashville skyline including the AT&T Building (also known as the "Batman" building), a cowboy hat, a guitar, a guitar pick, a big ol' catfish, and and more.  And considering that the Bridgestone Arena is the home to the NHL's Nashville Predators, they certainly had to pay respect to the team as well, including the team's nickname "Smashville."  


Brad is actually no stranger to art.  If you've ever seen him in concert and have noticed the cartoons on the screen behind him, he did those!  And he also did his own animation to his video for "Crushin' It."  Pretty awesome!

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