Cole Swindell makes boy's birthday extra special!

At a recent show, Cole invited 13 year old Grayson Zreman up on stage and got the crowd to sing happy birthday to him.  Cole's guitar player was celebrating a birthday the same day.  

But there's so much more to it.  You see, Grayson has been battling cancer for years, being diagnosed with cancer twice.  The first diagnosis came in 2012 when he spotted a golf ball-sized lump in his neck.  He was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and underwent chemo and 7 rounds of radiation before being told he was cancer free. 

Nine months later, Grayson got pneumonia and was told his cancer had returned.  This time around, he had a tumor removed, a stem cell transplant, and 22 more rounds of radiation.

Watch, as Grayson tells his story. 

Grayson has documented his journey on his You Tube channel, which can be seen here.  Watching through some of the videos, it is clear that he is a vibrant, incredibly bright young man with an incredible future, and he always has a positive and upbeat outlook, no matter what the situation.  Best of all, according to his videos, he seems to be in the clear.  

Keep it up, Grayson.  You are an inspiration to us all!

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