"Do Not Approach Me," Steve Harvey memos to staff

Maybe you know Steve Harvey from his radio show.  Maybe you know him from his talk show.  Maybe you know him as the host of Family Feud.  

His staff knows him as the guy that doesn't want to be "ambushed."

An email was sent from Steve Harvey to his staff yesterday giving them "rules."  No meetings in the dressing room.  In fact, he doesn't want anybody in his dressing room unless they were invited.  Don't approach him in the makeup chair.  Don't wait in the hallway to talk to him.  And more.

The email was obtained by Chicago media blogger Roger Feder and was published in an article that Feder called "So long, Steve: not everyone's sorry to see Harvey leave town."  Read the article in it's entirety here.  Is he cranky or a guy that just needs a minute?

If you're unfamiliar with Harvey, here is a clip of him giving advice on a recent show.

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