Phone Screener Abby Caught Neighbor’s Dog On Camera Pooping In Her Yard

A dog in Abby’s apartment complex is pooping all over yard and their owner isn’t picking up after them.

She didn’t know whose dog it was or what to do, so the show shared some advice. She took Eddie’s suggestion and got a camera that she put on her patio table facing the direction of the poop piles.  

The camera has motion detection, and it would text her every time there was movement. At first it was just notifying her of birds, then while she wasn’t home, she got the notification she had been waiting for. She turned it on and saw the dog pooping. It’s her neighbor's dog that lives two doors down from her.  

At first, she was just going to leave a note, but now she really wants to confront them about it and have them pick up the poop, but she never sees them. Lunchbox has offered to come to her place as her “lawyer” to help handle the situation. She’ll let the show know what she wants to do.  

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