24-Year-Old Wins Massive Lottery, HR Thought He Was Joking When He Quit Job

24-year-old Dean Weymes used to work for Amazon. That was until he found out he won $12,150 a month for the next 30 years in the U.K. lottery.

He was working in the transport department at Amazon and he was on a break when he discovered he had the winning numbers to their $4.4 million lottery. He told his work that he was "sick" and left to go home. He came back to work the next day and quit with HR. When he wrote in the form with HR that he won the lottery/retirement. HR thought he was joking and told him he couldn't put that down.

Shortly they realized, he wasn't joking. He told The Daily Mail he plans to use his winnings to help support his brother who has "severe autism" and start a career as a screenwriter. He also plans to go to Disneyland.