Lauren Alaina Opens Up About Next Era: 'My Heart Is Completely Unlocked'

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Lauren Alaina signaled the dawn of a new chapter in her music. The “Road Less Traveled” artist marked a time of looking “all the way back to really move forward,” as she unlocks her heart in this soon-to-debut era.

Alaina announced on Thursday morning (June 1) that two new tracks will be available tonight, followed by an EP, Unlocked, that’s slated to release on June 9. The Georgia-born country star, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars alum and Getting Good at Being You author shared in a video on her social media channels that the EP aims to capture every part of who she is, including her family, her hometown and her passions.

“I want you to know me. I have a million different nicknames. I’ve worn a lot of different hats, been a lot of things to a lot of people,” Alaina said. “Truth is, I’ve always just been Lauren. The girl that grew up in a tiny house in Rossville, Georgia, 28 years ago. The person my big brother calls ‘sister,’ even today. The aunt my nieces and nephews call ‘Lala’ when I run to scoop them up off their front porch in my hometown. The girl you met 13 years ago on a TV show, and the woman you’re seeing today. A singer, songwriter, author, actress, dancer, sister, fiancée, daughter, friend. I want you to know me. And the truth is, it took me a long time to get to know me, too. Let’s start where we always have before. My name is Lauren, and my new EP, Unlocked, comes out next week.”

Alaina’s next project reportedly includes a duet with fellow country star Lainey Wilson, and songs co-written by Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan and other powerhouse singer-songwriters. follows her 15-track album, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World, which released in September 2021. See her EP announcement here:

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