Carly Pearce Shares Heartfelt Moment With Fans In Memory Of Lost Loved Ones

Photo: Getty Images

Carly Pearce shared an emotional moment with two concertgoers during a recent show. The two women brought a sign that made Pearce change course in her performance to sing a heartfelt song especially for them.

Pearce explained on TikTok that she “was going to sing a new song until I saw this sign in the crowd… I hoped people would listen to this song & think of sweet thoughts of the loved ones they’ve lost getting to show them around heaven one day,” the award-winning singer-songwriter said. “We are all connected by the things we go through ❤️”

“Forget everything that I just said because it doesn’t matter,” Pearce told the audience while she was on stage, choosing to switch gears from performing a new song to a rendition of the heartwarming ballad. “Leslie and Alyssa have a sign right here for me, and it is a picture of their parents, and it says ‘can’t wait for them to show me around.’”

“If you know my song, ‘Show Me Around,’ I wrote that song for my late producer, Busbee, who passed away from terminal brain cancer,” Pearce continued, remembering the late Nashville music producer and songwriter who died in 2019. He was 43. Turning to Leslie and Alyssa, Pearce assured: “And I know that your parents are gonna be waiting right there to meet you and show you all of the things that they’ve found to be exciting in heaven... So, I’m gonna sing this for you, OK?”

Pearce released “Show Me Around” on 29: Written in Stone, her full-length album that made its debut in 2021: “I bet you're up there right now makin' plans and writin' out/ All your favorite places that you just can't wait to take us/ And we'll get to spend forever talkin' 'bout whatever/ When I get there, promise you'll track me down/ And show me around.” Listen to the full song below.

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