Heidi Klum Shares Nude Photo On Instagram

46-Year-Old Heidi Klum is enjoying some down time with her husband, 30-year-old Tom Kaulitz. Klum shared the nude picture on Instagram with the caption, "Good Morning from somewhere else." Along with the hashtag, "Today will be what I make it."

While many of Klum's followers admire her beauty there are the few that criticize her for posting "nude" pictures on the popular social media platform. Klum is extremely comfortable in her skin; in a past interview with Ocean Drive she explained she grew up going to nude beaches with her family.

“We’d go to nude beaches. We’re very open-minded, but you can’t say that about all Germans," she continued. "We didn’t have a lot of money, so we’d go camping a lot and my parents chose nude campsites, so nudity became normal for me. You stand out more if you cover up. And I loved it.”

Although Klum is "technically" nude in the picture she shared, she did keep it classy and didn't really "expose" much. If you're a fan of Heidi Klum, follower her on Instagram... you never know what type of picture she'll post next!

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