AAA predicting a record number of deer collisions over Thanksgiving

AAA of the Carolinas is asking drivers to be extra careful on the roads over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. A record number of drivers will be hitting the roads and it's the height of "rut" season for deer making things even more dangerous. During "rut" season deer tend to lose their cautious mannerisms in their pursuit of mates.

North Carolina saw a total of 17,901 crashes reported from colliding with a deer in 2017 – crashes in October and December accounted for 47.5% of the total, according to NCDOT.

“The fall is a big season for the deer population in North and South Carolina,” said AAA Carolinas Foundation for Traffic Safety President Tiffany Wright. “With deer more apt to be on or around the roads, motorists need to be extra vigilant when driving. Visually make a continuous sweep of the road and give yourself room between other cars.”

Read more on how to help ensure safe travels during deer season.

Deer Collisions

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