The Kannapolis Intimidators announced new team name and logo

Cannon Ballers

The Kannapolis Intimidators are no more...

In a letter to the team's fans back in February the Intimidators ownership said that the minor league baseball team does not own the name "Intimidators." The late Dale Earnhardt's wife, Teresa owns it. In the letter to the fans the team said since they didn't own the name they "cannot confidently build around the Intimidator name” as they move in to their new stadium in downtown Kannapolis. During the off season they opened it up to fans to help select a new name for the club.

They still honor Earnhardt's legacy by including the No. 3 within the new logo. You can see it as part of the letter "B" in "Ballers." The mascot also bears the famous bushy mustache Dale was known for.

The name "Cannon" honors the former sheet and towel maker Cannon Mills that employed thousands of people in the city from 1998 to 2003.


Kannapolis Cannon Ballers

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