1st Waffle House to sell beer has opened... and it's in driving distance!

Waffle House is now selling beer! It's a dream come true. Sorta. The "Awful Waffle" as I've always affectionately referred to as first started serving waffles and their signature hash-browns back in 1955. What started as a small rectangular box has now exploded in to 2,000 full service locations around the south. While I have spent many-a-night at the "A-Dub" trying to drink enough coffee and eat a solid meal so that the morning after wasn't so painful I've often wondered why they didn't serve beer. Maybe it was because they knew being open 24 hrs a day-365 days a year, it would be a nightmare for the servers who had to cut people off. Or maybe it was because it was always a refuge for those creatures of the night. Either way, we've now crossed in to uncharted waters.

Having grown up in Atlanta, I am a huge Braves fan. Given the disappointing finish to the Braves 2019 season I am more determined than ever to get to the new Sun Trust Ballpark to watch my team, but there's now another huge reason to go.

There is a satellite Waffle House food stand at Sun Trust park that serves a limited menu, but also sells BEER!

Bud Light and Miller Lite are the beers of choice, and I'm OK with that to start! The menu is small and only offers a small variety of hashbrown bowl items, but who cares? If I can eat an order of scattered, smothered & covered while swigin' a cold one watchin' my favorite baseball team play in person... consider this an official bucket list experience! NOM NOM NOM SWIG!

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