Zac Brown Released A New Song And Some People Think He Lost His Mind

Zac Brown recently released a solo album called "The Controversy" and after listening, some people think he may have "lost his mind." The first single is called "Swaye" and the lyrics are very "aggressive."

" I can't be your Tom Cruise B***h

I'm Patrick Swayze

Every time I get a new B***h, I need a new B***h

I'm just saying, I'm so Swayze.

'Bout to ghost on you

Patrick Swayze"

The new album leans more on the pop side, so more than likely you'll never hear any of the new music... unless you buy the new album thinking it's Zac Brown country ... in that case you're in for a big surprise. Take a listen to his new song below, (WARNING: The song contains profanity)

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