Jason Aldean Shares Music City Struggles

Jason Aldean is on his way to his 23rd number one hit with “Rearview Town,” but things weren’t always on the up and up.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the country star shared that he struggled when first coming to Music City.

“My first trip to Nashville, I just remember thinking, ‘I have no idea on where to go,” says Jason. “Like, I’m here. I’m a singer. I want to get a record deal, and I have zero ideas on where to go, whom to talk to, what door to knock on, what door NOT to knock on. Where I should play.”

To say that things were a little overwhelming would be an understatement.

“I remember going home and thinking, ‘I just don’t know how this is gonna happen.’ So, you know, I had my band back in Georgia, and I just kept playing clubs and playing clubs, and ultimately that’s how I ended up getting to Nashville. My producer, Michael Knox, saw me playing in a bar and brought me to town and I signed a songwriting deal."

Jason shared that at the time, his checking account was low, but spirits remained high, and although he couldn’t recall how much money he had in his bank account, he did share “When I first moved to Nashville, I would order a pizza for dinner. I would eat like a couple of pieces, and then I would put it in the refrigerator, and I would eat it for three days. Its hardcore man when you come here, and you are trying to get everything up and running, and you know, you don’t have a lot of money.”

“Those are the things that make you really appreciate things a lot more when it finally does happen.”

“How much is in your checking account now?” Cody asked with a tone of sentimental seriousness. Jason immediately laughed, “I actually don’t know that, either.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.