Weatherman Goes Off On "Bachelorette" Fans: "I'm Done With You People"

Bachelor nation loves their romance drama and fans of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette aren't happy when you interrupt their program. Ohio was experiencing severe weather on Monday night so a Fox News meteorologist interrupted "The Bachelorette" to inform listeners a tornado was heading their way. The weather man was immediately ridiculed on social media by viewers complaining about the broadcast interruption. That's when the meteorologist, Jamie Simpson, lost it.

He was live on air when he said "Viewers are complaining already, ‘Just go back to the show.’ No. We’re not going back to the show folks," Simpson said on air. "This is a dangerous situation, OK? Think about if it was your neighborhood. I’m sick and tired of people complaining about this. Our job here is to keep people safe and that’s what we’re going to do. Some people complaining that it’s all about my ego – stop. Just stop right now. It’s not. I’m done with you people. I really am. This is pathetic."

The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, had the weatherman's back going to Twitter saying: "Lolz too funny, thanks Dayton, Ohio for the love, but be safe. naders are no joke."

The weatherman later apologized for his rant saying, "Alright, I'm sorry I did that. It just really bothers me that we have people that don't care about other people's safety around here. That's just ridiculous."

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