WATCH: Matt Stell's Prayed For You Video Has A Special Guest Star

I'm pretty excited that Matt Stell is coming Tuesday for our SOLD OUT Star's and Guitars at the Underground, his song "Prayed For You" means a lot to me and it's one of the best new country songs out right now. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard the video was finally out ... But there seems to be a lot of buzz around WHO is in the video more than the video itself. If you've ever watched "Chrisly Knows Best" on USA network you most likely know his daughter Savanna (who now has her very own spin off show as well). I can honestly say I know about the show, but I've NEVER watch it, but apparently it's a big deal and a lot of people are excited that she got this role in the video. Hey good for her and Nic. It's nice to see they clearly have some great taste in music!



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