Budweiser Honors Dwyane And It's Making Everyone Cry!

TISSUE ALERT! This is one of the most inspirational commercials I have ever seen, and it's making everyone that watches it cry! Dwyane Wade went on the ultimate NBA retirement tour by collecting jersey's from NBA players so he can hang them in his house. That's a pretty awesome idea for sure. So Budweiser decided to honor him with 5 more "jersey's" from people who's lives were changed by his actions:

  • The sister of a victim lost in the Parkland shooting. Joaquin Oliver’s favorite player was Wade, and the NBA superstar wrote the boy’s name on his shoes for a game to honor his memory.
  • A woman whose house burned down before Christmas. Wade took them on a shopping spree.
  • A man whose life was going down a dark path. Until Wade’s words inspired him to change everything.
  • A woman who desperately wanted to go to college, but couldn’t afford it. Until Wade’s organization gave her a full-tuition scholarship.
  • Wade’s own mother, Jolinda Wade — who struggled with addiction, went to prison, and turned her life around through the help of her son.

As you can see Dwyane is completely surprised and very humble as these people tell him how great their lives are because of him. God bless Dwyane, you are an inspiration!



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