WOW! Miranda Lambert Snaps At Reporters

Well this isn't typical behavior from country stars now it is? Miranda snapped at a reporter outside the airport as she and her new husband were trying to get into a car. You can say "this isn't how country stars should ever act" .... BUT

There are 2 ways to look at this:

  1. You're a celebrity and this is gonna happen no matter what, so deal with it, and be nice
  2. Miranda is right and people need to leave her and her new husband alone

I'm going with 2! Come on people. It's really none of anyone's business who she marries, divorces, dates, or whatever. But with the way the media is these days all people want to know is the story, dig up the dirt, get that big thing that no one else has gotten yet. But at the same time you are bothering a human being who just wants to live their life and I for one think it's time to stop! Miranda is one of the greatest ladies in country music, and she has earned our respect and admiration. What do you think? Take my survey below and let me know.

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