Study: People Over 40 Shouldn't Work More Than 3 Days A Week

 Imagine being more productive AND having a shorter work week. It sounds too good to be true. According to Melbourne Institute Worker Paper, those over the age of 40 are more productive when they work 3 days a week or less.

According to Newser, The researchers came to this conclusion after following 3,000 male and 3,500 female volunteers. During the study, researchers asked the participants to complete cognitive tests and analyzed their work habits, memory, executive reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

According to HuffPost, the volunteer’s cognitive performance declined after 25 hours in both male and females. And if you take pride in being an over achiever and work more than 55 hours a week, the cognitive results showed working that many hours were worse than those who were retired or unemployed.  

Knowing this information, maybe we should be talking about early retirement! 


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