Nicole Kidman Wanted Lots Of Babies With Keith Urban

Can we talk about how romantic Keith Urban is for a second. Nicole Kidman is on the cover of my favorite magazine, PEOPLE, where she talks about her love and life with Keith Urban. She explains the moment she knew that he was the one.

"It was my (38th) birthday, and he stood outside with gardenias at 5 a.m. on my stoop in New York,” she remembered. "That is when I went, ‘This is the man I hope I get to marry.’"

That sounds like it’s straight from a fairy-tale! Nicole Kidman also confessed that she would have loved to have even more kids with Keith had they met sooner. 10 kids, that’s her number!

It’s the rough times they endured together that strengthened their relationship. Keith Urban entered rehab just 4 months after they got married.

 "Real love happens not when everything is going well but when things are going badly," Nicole Kidman said of that experience.

After she suffered the loss of her father in 2014, Keith canceled a show and flew out to be with her.

"He said, 'This is why you have me. You don’t have to go through this alone,'" she recalled. "He came back that night, and I just fell into him."

These two truly have the kind of love that comes once in a lifetime. You can read more of the exclusive interview with Nicole Kidman in this Friday’s Issue of PEOPLE Magazine.

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