PHOTO: The Bird Box "Monster" Finally Revealed

My wife and I finally sat and watch Bird Box over the weekend. After all the hype we were seeing from everyone on social media, we figured it was time to join the masses and see this "masterpiece" of a movie. First off I love post apocalyptic movies and TV show so, I figured this has to be good right? Well it was just ok. It wasn't horrible, but I just didn't quite get it. What was this thing that you couldn't look at? Was it a demon? Was it some type of chemical released by an other country trying to destroy the world? Non one could really tell me. But now there is at least an answer. Apparently it IS some type of monster but that scene was cut from the original film. Thankfully movie and f/x artist Andy Bergholtz posted photos on Instagram of what the monsters would have looked like had we been able to see them. I'm still confused, but this helps a little. Kind of! 



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