Thomas Rhett Is Being Dad Shamed Over This Photo


Thomas Rhett is being Dad shamed all over this sweet picture he shared on Instagram. The picture shows him sitting on a private jet and holding his daughter Ada James.  The comments that followed weren't kind at at. 

"Tell me why you have a seat belt on but she doesn't," said one fan. Another stated, “And if only the private jet with the shoulder belts had seats that a certified child safety seat could be secured in...."

Why is it so easy for us to throw judgement on others? I'm pretty sure we have ALL made mistakes and especially when it comes to parenting. When you fly commercial flights, Parents flying with children 2 and under are told to hold their baby in their lap just like Thomas is doing. I know this because I've flown with my children and we looked just like this. 

What I see is a happy family enjoying their travels. #JudgementFreeZone



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