A Kidnapper Chases Charlotte Woman into Karate Studio. Bad Idea!

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said 46-year-old August Channing Williams of Charlotte is a suspect in an attempted kidnapping of a woman on Statesville Avenue on Jan. 3.

If you're chasing a woman and she runs into a karate studio, you may want to stop chasing her. Last Thursday, a 46 year old guy named August Williams tried to kidnap a woman and force her into his car but she got away. The victim ran into Bushiken Karate, Charlotte Dojo. The studio's head instructor is a guy named Randall Ephraim,  he was waiting on parents to pick up their kids and was cleaning up when the woman ran in and told him a guy was trying to kidnap her. So when the kidnapper came inside, Randall told him to leave . . . but August started SWINGING at him. You can imagine how it ended. The kidnapper had to be taken out on a stretcher and he's now facing multiple charges for kidnapping, assuilt and more.


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