"Getting Drunk On The Stage" Dierks Bentley Fan Vomits on Stage


You know that moment when you realize you possibly have had too much to drunk and someone mentions one more drink… (No? me either lol), a lucky (or not so lucky) Let’s revisit an unforgettable Dierks Bentley moment. During a concert in Pennsylvania, Dierks let a few fans on stage as he performed his hit “Drunk on a Plane.” The friends looked like they’re were having a great time!

Watch the video around the 1:20 mark. That’s where things start to go downhill. You can see by her actions that one of the girls probably isn’t feeling too good, Dierks being the amazing man that he is put his arm around her to help her stand. The song is still going on but when he sings, “Told her about my condition… Got a little mile-high flight attention” all of a sudden, vomit splashes all over the stage!!!

This poor girls runs off the stage but not before her embarrassing moment was seen and captured in front of an audience of 30,000 fans. Lesson learned… if you’ve had too much to drink, stay far away from the stage! That’s definitely an unforgettable moment!


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