Strangers Dumpster Dive & Find Fort Mill Woman's Lost Wedding Rings


Michelle Kurtz of Fort Mill, SC accidentally threw away her wedding rings they were wrapped in a paper towel!! She realized after the trash had already been picked up! All wedding rings are special but Michelle’s middle diamond belonged to her husband’s late grandmother. Michelle immediately called her private garbage company and she was told her rings were gone for good. Michelle didn’t give up, she called York County Solid Waste disposal and found out the truck that picked up her garbage was the last truck to come in that day and had dropped the trash off about 15 minutes before close. A few workers heard about what happened and decided to stay around after work and dig through the trash in hopes of finding the rings. The truck carrying Michelle’s garbage was carrying 8 tons of garbage!!! The truck spread the trash in the warehouse – about 60 feet of garbage!!!!! These three strangers dug through the trash and miraculously, in all that mess, FOUND Michelle’s wedding rings! Of course she cried and was extremely thankful for the help of these beautiful strangers! Michelle and her husband will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary on Feb 17th!


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