WATCH: Country Stars Will NEVER Ask You For Money!

Recently a woman in South Carolina was scammed out of $160,000 by someone claiming to be Dierks Bentley. They met on Twitter and then started texting each other and before you know it, she's out of a lot of money. Country artists have said many times before that they will never ask a fan for money, EVER. You need to look for the BLUE CHECK MARK on the social media account so you know it's real! But sadly some people just don't listen and need a little bit more of a kick in the (you know where) ... So some of the biggest names in country got together to do a PSA warning people of the dangers of these trolls who take advantage of good people. Feel free to share this with someone you know who might think they are being scammed. It might just help. WARNING NSFW, some bad language! 



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