You Can Spend The Night In The Christmas Story House!

It's crazy to think that this movie is 35 years old, but it is. A Christmas Story came out in theaters in 1983!!! I was never able to see it at the movies, but thanks to TBS and TNT I think I've seen this movie close to 20-25 times over the years. I wait every year to see the 24 hours of A Christmas Story and will actually keep it on for almost the whole time. Yes, I'm that guy that watched it over and over and over. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that you can actually rent a room at the same house from the movie! The house was completely restored to look exactly like it did in the original movie. Although only the outside of the house was used in the movie (the rest was filmed on a sound stage) the new owner actually remodeled the inside to look just like the set did back when we first met Ralphie and his family! So you can actually sleep in a bed that looks just like it did in the movie! Find out more HERE and let me know if you go, I'd love to see the pictures of your time there! 



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