America's Got Talent Finalist NOT Singing With Garth Brooks At Notre Dame

It was supposed to be a real feel good story. Michael Ketterer gained the love of so many America's Got Talent fans with his story. Simon Cowell called out Garth Brooks to write him a song for the finale, and he was even invited by Garth to play that song at his show at a sold out 85,000 person Notre Dame Stadium! 

Michael Ketterer came in 5th place on America's Got Talent, and things were looking up... until they weren't. News came out about a confrontation between him and his wife, and that he had been arrested for Domestic Assault. His wife came out and said over and over that she didn't want to press charges, but there was a small visible red mark on her face and so police arrested him. The charge was originally a Felony, but then dropped to a misdemeanor, but it was too late. The news was out, and the question from Garth fans and even Michael fans was "Will he still play?" 

Garth addressed the question very briefly in the beginning 3 minutes of his Studio G broadcast, and let fans know that no, Michael wouldn't be performing. 

If you aren't familiar with Michael, here is his audition from America's Got Talent

Here he is singing the song Garth wrote for him for the finale of America's Got Talent

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